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Nordic Walking UK has devised a unique structured teaching programme of four one hour sessions that will help you to master the basics and be able to competently Nordic Walk on your own or join into group walks all over the UK.

I will help you to not only master the technique but to understand which muscles are working and what’s going on inside your body! The course will help you to understand your current level of fitness and empower you to get out and get the results you want from your Nordic Walking.

Every week I am offering Work-out and Low impact walks from Thorpe, adventure walks in Dimmingsdale and Work-out walks from Rocester (Abbotsholme school). 

On a regular basis I am offering longer walks followed by a hearty lunch or dinner in our BBQ-hut – a great opportunity to share Nordic Walking stories in a nice, warm, friendly atmosphere.

With the FREEDOM passport you receive after completing the Learn to Nordic Walk course, you are entitled to FREE Membership of Nordic Walking UK and a host of associated benefits including a 10% discount off poles and equipment in the Nordic Walking UK Store. It also enables you to join walks from other instructors across the UK.

Janneke Gorzeman

Janneke Gorzeman has practiced Nordic Walking since 2009 and is a fully qualified Instructor.

Janneke lives in Thorpe, a few miles from Ashbourne and half a mile from Dovedale with the famous stepping stones and Thorpe Cloud.

In 2015 Janneke won the ladies Nordic Walking 21 km race of the Swiss Alpine Marathon event in Davos. Janneke has also completed several marathons using the Nordic Walking technique.


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